Angry Lorry Driver Tailgate Woman Driver, Gets Pulled Over By Police At Roadblock

Be careful when you’re driving alone, especially if you’re a woman! 

Recently a video went viral on TikTok, showing a woman who was “bullied” by an angry lorry driver. The incident is thought to have occurred at Kinrara on the way to Bukit Jalil.

angry lorry driver tailgate woman driver, gets pulled over by police at roadblockPhoto via TikTok (@vaccineforlife)

In the video, the lorry driver had exited his vehicle and was yelling and pointing aggressively at the woman, who remained in her car.

The driver was then seen tailgating the woman as she drove away quickly, trying to escape the angry man.

It’s amazing how the woman remained calm and continued driving until she came to a police roadblock. She was then seen informing the police officer who was manning the roadblock, who also acted swiftly and stopped the lorry.

However, the lorry driver attempted to drive away, but two other police officers intervened and literally risked their own safety to stop the driver from getting away. 

One police officer stood in front of the lorry while two others stood at the side of the road, tapping on the vehicle asking the driver to comply. 

The man who recorded the whole ordeal with his dashcam believed the driver was intoxicated which made him behave erratically. 

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Netizens also believed that the man may have tried to avoid being pulled over for drunk driving but was blocked by traffic, which was why he got angry, stopped in the middle of the road and started screaming at the woman. 

Malaysians also thanked the police officers who put their own safety at risk so that other road users are safe, while others urged the authorities to arrest the lorry driver have his license suspended. 

Netizens also praised the woman for staying calm and being quick on her feet when faced by the enraged lorry driver. 

Aiyo, we’re so glad the woman got away safely! Please be careful when you’re on the road, okay, guys?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat