Malaysian Netizens Captivated by American Content Creators Singing "Bukan Cinta Biasa" on TikTok!

Simply uttering the name Dato’ Seri Siti Nurhaliza is enough to fill Malaysians with pride, evoking memories of her acclaimed songs that have not only resonated within the nation but have also garnered international recognition.

malaysian netizens captivated by american content creators singing bukan cinta biasa on tiktok!Photo via TikTok (@thesamtsui)

In a recent viral TikTok video shared by Sam Tsui, content, singer and songwriter from the United States, the spotlight shone on Malaysia as he delivered a mesmerising rendition of one of Siti Nurhaliza's hit songs, "Bukan Cinta Biasa."

In this captivating performance, Sam Tsui and his duet partner chose to showcase songs from 195 countries, and when it came to Malaysia, they selected "Bukan Cinta Biasa." 

Malaysians couldn't help but swell with pride as the duo's rendition highlighted the beauty of Siti Nurhaliza's musical legacy.

What adds a delightful layer to this performance is the fact that, despite hailing from America, Sam Tsui and his partner sang the song with infectious enthusiasm and flawless fluency, effortlessly pronouncing the Malay words. 

Their heartfelt and precise delivery of the chorus added an extra layer of admiration.

Malaysian netizens took to expressing their pride, showering the singer and his duet partner with accolades. A netizen's comment, "Your Malay pronunciation is good and your voice is amazing," perfectly encapsulated the sentiment shared by many.

@thesamtsui Representing #Malaysia it’s our attempt at #bukancintabiasa by #sitinurhaliza - #malaysiatiktok #malaysianmusic #global #singers #lagu #malay #internationalsongs ♬ original sound - Sam Tsui

Since the video went viral, amassing 981.1K views, 91.1K likes, and 2.6K comments on TikTok, it stands as a testament to the global recognition and pride Malaysians feel for the musical contributions of Dato’ Seri Siti Nurhaliza.

So proud!