Morning Nap While It Rains? American Woman Shares 5 Reasons Why She Loves Malaysia!

There’s no doubt that Malaysia is an amazing place for travellers. An extraordinary country that offers it all!

It’s not all about our bustling capital and cultural charms, but Malaysia is also famous for its stunning coastal areas, a country that is completely surrounded by water and comprises a whopping 99 islands.

morning nap while it rains? american woman shares 5 reasons why she loves malaysia!Photo via TikTok (@lilithink)

Not only that, but we probably have one of the best sunsets, best food and history in Southeast Asia! And no, we’re not just saying that because we’re Malaysian! 

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok showing a western woman who shared the 5 different reasons why she enjoys Malaysia…

In the video, the woman explained why she fell in love with Malaysia and some of her reasons include our rainy weather, Malaysia’s beautiful sunsets and the low cost of education.

She also mentioned that she loves our unique and exotic local fruits, “I love duku, that’s my favourite. And then the mangosteen, I have it almost every single day and that’s kind of a problem.

“There are worse addictions, though, right?”

The woman also mentioned that she loves how Malaysians talk with our slang, “I love your slang. Lah, mah, weh… Just so much fun. I hope you guys don’t mind if I use them!” 

True, weh! We do have pretty unique slang!

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The video has since garnered over 199,000 thousand views at the time of writing.

Malaysians took to the comment section to welcome her to Malaysia and even shared some helpful recommendations of places she could visit and things she could do.

“Since you love sunsets, you should come to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and witness the sunset here. We have breathtaking sunsets here!”

“Morning rain in Malaysia is the best. Best time to sleep. And I hope you’ve already tried our durian, since you love our local fruits,” one person said. 

Morning nap while it rains, durian and sunsets in Sabah? That is SO Malaysian!

Welcome to Malaysia, Lilith, hope you are having an awesome time so far!