American Tourist Moved to Tears by Christmas Decorations in KL Mall, “This Feels Christmas-sy!”

Our malls spare no effort in decking the halls for various festive occasions, and the enchantment isn't lost on both locals and even visitors from afar!

american tourist moved to tears by christmas decorations in kl mall, “this feels christmas-sy!”Photo via TikTok (@disappear_for_days)

Recently, a heartening story unfolded as an American couple took to TikTok to share their awe at experiencing the magic of Christmas in Malaysia.

In a country with a Muslim-majority population, the couple, like many before them, were pleasantly surprised when they witnessed the festive spirit at one of the malls in Kuala Lumpur. 

The sheer beauty of the Christmas decorations even brought tears to their eyes.

In the TikTok video, their voices carried a mix of joy and amazement, with one saying to the other, "This is so nice, isn't it? Are you crying? It just looks so pretty. This makes you feel Christmas-sy, doesn't it?"

Adorned with Christmas carols and a delightful merry-go-round, the couple shared their discovery that nearly every mall they visited went all out for Christmas.

Venturing into popular shopping destinations, including Genting Highlands, the couple captured the spirit of how Malaysians wholeheartedly embrace any holiday, turning it into a reason for spending long weekends at home or exploring the country. 

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This heartwarming story reminds us that the magic of the holiday season transcends cultural boundaries and brings people together in joyous celebration!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, and Happy New Year, everyone!