American Guitarist Flooded with Messages From M’sian SPM Students Following Mention In English Listening Test

For many teenagers in Malaysia, a major event is the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exams, which officially started on January 30th this year. Some exams, like English and Malay language, have already taken place, covering speaking and listening parts.

The English listening test happened on January 29th, a day before most exams started, where something interesting caught the attention of an American guitarist and jazz musician, Kyle Green, and he shared about it on his Instagram page @kylegreenmusic.

american guitarist flooded with messages from m’sian spm students following mention in english listening testPhoto via Instagram (@kylegreenmusic)

Kyle said in his Instagram stories that many SPM students from different parts of Malaysia messaged him. They told him there was a character like him in the listening part of their English exam.

“They listened to an interview where the person was talking to a musician named Kyle Green, who is a jazz musician or something like that. I don't remember doing such an interview, so I think it was made up,” explained Kyle in his Instagram story.

After finding out he was part of the exam, Kyle said that SPM students looked for him online and sent many messages. 

At the same time, he told everyone to be careful of fake accounts pretending to be him…

“To the young people in Malaysia, I hope you did well in the test. If not, I hope you do better next time. And to those who like my music and say kind things, thank you, and I hope you enjoy it. 

“That's all – I just wanted to check in. It's been a crazy morning, so good luck to all of you!” ended Kyle in his stories.

We hope everyone did well in their listening test, and all the best for the rest of your exams!