Ambulance Driver Praise Delivery Rider For Escorting Him Through Heavy Traffic

Kindness and compassion come in many forms. It comes from different people from all walks of life, but always, ALWAYS from the heart! 

ambulance driver praise delivery rider for escorting him through heavy trafficPhoto via TikTok (@abam_muadz)

Recently, a video went viral online of a delivery rider who went above and beyond to help out an ambulance driver who was stuck in heavy traffic. 

The ambulance driver Muadz, took to TikTok to thank the delivery rider for escorting him through the heavy traffic.

In the video, the delivery rider can be seen riding in front of the ambulance while motioning the cars around him to move out of the way so that the ambulance could pass by safely. 

Other online users also took to the comment section to praise the kind delivery rider for going out of his way to help a stranger. Some even pointed out his remarkable traffic-control ability which is comparable to traffic police. 

@abam_muadz Semoga Dipermudahkan Urusan Abang Grab💪✌🏻🚨 #abamambulans #emsmedivac #ambulance #ambulanceservice #ambulancedriver ♬ bunyi asal - nana_achik_fans

“May God eases your day,” said the ambulance driver. 

Thank you Abang rider for your kindness!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat