BTS Reunion? All Members Will Be Present to Welcome Jin Back From Military Enlistment

K-pop idol group BTS is preparing for a special reunion on June 12th to greet their oldest member, Jin, as he completes his military service. 

bts reunion? all members will be present to welcome jin back from military enlistment

South Korean media reports that the members have applied for vacation to be together for his discharge, highlighting their strong bond and mutual support.

Jin, who enlisted in December 2022, has diligently served his country for 18 months and is now set to return to the music industry. Due to safety concerns, there will be no official discharge ceremony. Instead, the members have opted to celebrate quietly in Seoul rather than meeting Jin in front of the military unit as initially planned.

Upon his discharge, Jin will jump back into activities, starting with the 2024 Festa. He plans to hold a special hug event with ARMYs and is preparing to release a solo album in the latter half of the year.

BTS’ fans, ARMY, takes comfort in knowing that the members always have each other's backs. Well, we get it, to be able to see their relationships and watching them grow together is heartwarming. 

Netizens have been vocal about their admiration for the group's bond, noting that BTS's love for each other is unparalleled. Comments include sentiments like, "They are more like brothers than real brothers," and "No one can beat BTS’s love for BTS." 

Many are amazed at the lengths the members go to support each other, even using their vacation days to be present for enlistments and discharges.


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Looking ahead, member J-Hope is next in line for discharge in October. BTS is expected to be back as a complete group by next June, much to the delight of their fans.