Alan Walker Visits Indonesian School, Teams Up with Students for Upcoming Concert!

Alan Walker, a well-known Norwegian DJ famous for hits like "Faded" and "Alone," will be touring several countries in Asia this June, including Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Walker World Asia Tour will kick off in Jakarta on June 8. Ahead of the tour, Walker made an early visit to Indonesia, where he met with a local music teacher and his students.

Tri Adinata, also known as Sir Nata, shared on Instagram that he and his students will perform with Alan Walker at the upcoming concert.

"Thank you, Alan Walker. We love you. You're an amazing artist who stays humble despite your great talent. I cried while editing this video. Everything I've done has always been for my students. I want to see Indonesian children happy to go to school," Sir Nata wrote.

He added, "It felt like a dream when Alan Walker, after a 28-hour flight from America, came to our school in Medan and sang with us in our music class. I was very touched. Don't forget to join us on June 8; my students and I will be performing with Alan during his concert!"

Videos shared by Sir Nata show Alan Walker arriving at the school in Medan, interacting warmly with the students, and enjoying their performance. Another video captures an emotional moment where Sir Nata thanks Walker, who responds with a heartfelt hug.

We can't wait to see the collaboration between the students and Alan Walker this June 8th!