Actress Shares Her Experience Buying Concert Tickets and Even Shares Some Tips With Her Fans!

Actress Park Bo Young recently shared a heartwarming story about snagging tickets for the highly anticipated Im Young Woong concert. For those who don't know, getting tickets for Im Young Woong's shows in Korea is like trying to find a needle in a haystack - incredibly tough!

actress shares her experience buying concert tickets and even shares some tips with her fans!Photo via X (@kd1hee)

The ticket rush for his "IM HERE – THE STADIUM" concert kicked off on April 10, and everyone, celebrities included, was scrambling to get their hands on them.

Park Bo Young spilled the beans on how she managed to secure her tickets amidst her busy filming schedule. Picture this: she's brushing her teeth, phone in hand, desperately trying to nab those elusive tickets. Starting with a daunting queue number of 334,222, she feared the worst.

But she didn't give up. She found a clever trick along the way: hitting the "back" button. This risky move somehow landed her directly on the seat selection page, bypassing the endless wait.

In her own words, Park Bo Young said, "If I tell you.. everyone will use it and be my competition for the next ticket sales. I feel like I’m letting you all in all this too easily. Ah, but actually, this method might not work for everyone. It is a dangerous method."

In a heart-pounding moment, she scored VIP seats on the first floor for her parents. Netizens online were amazed that her unconventional tactic actually worked!