Abang Rider Braves Through Muddy Water & Heavy Rain By Foot To Deliver Coffee During Flood!

Delivery riders deserve more appreciation!

Remember during the first MCO when most restaurants were required to close early and the queue to buy bungkus food took hours and hours? It’s easier to just order online and here’s where our delivery riders come to the rescue, everytime!

abang rider braves through muddy water & heavy rain by foot to deliver coffee during flood!Photo via Facebook (Brew n Bloom)

Recently, a cafe in Bukit Jalil shared on their Facebook page a delivery rider who refused to cancel an order, and was walking through heavy rain and flood waters just to deliver his customer’s food. 

The cafe explained in the post that they wanted to call the customer and cancel the order due to the rising water level, and were also about to call the rider to tell him that he wouldn’t have to make the trip. However, the rider was adamant despite the fact that it was just a cup of coffee.

“It’s fine,” said the driver. “He said he is going to park his motorcycle somewhere else and just walk to the cafe.”

Before leaving the cafe, to walk back to his motorcycle, the woman who was taking the video thanked him. The caption reads: “Although the flood in our neighborhood wasn’t severe, his determination to brave the muddy water and rain is admirable!”

Since the video has gone viral, many in the comments section requested for the Abang to be tipped! 

我跟他说这里淹水,我会call顾客cancel order,一杯咖啡而已,你不用特地过来。他坚持说没关系,我停车在一边,jalan kaki来。 这精神值得表扬👏🏻 #有点心疼abang #其实送餐员真的值得被尊重 #没事请不要在下雨天下单 #肚子饿煮maggie吃啦

Posted by Brew n Bloom on Monday, March 7, 2022

“This is commendable. However, we should remind him not to deliver food in the rain if at all possible,” said one person. We agree, it’s dangerous, but for now, this Abang deserves some appreciation! 

What would we do without our Abang-Abang Riders?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat