“Abang Popia!” Food Vendor Gains Internet Fame After Video Of Him Being “Bullied” By School Kids Went Viral Online

Working as a street vendor is no easy feat!

“abang popia!” food vendor gains internet fame after video of him being “bullied” by school kids went viral onlinePhoto via TikTok (@abangpopia)

As a street vendor who sells food, there are many things you need to prepare in order to make sure your business runs smoothly - setting up the tent and tables, making sure you have all your cooking utensils ready and also to have patience when dealing with all of your customers.

Recently, a video of a food vendor, who is also known as Abang Popia online, being “bullied” by a bunch of school boys stole Malaysians’ hearts!

In the video, the man is seen recording himself frying some spring rolls while talking to his customers, when a yellow school bus passes by his stall, and children can be heard screaming “Abang Popia!”

Two other school vans also passed by his stall and the same thing happened again, school children were heard screaming “Abang Popia” which amused his customers. 

Abang Popia then explained to his customers how this happens every single day and he is thinking of a way to “get back” at the children for “bullying” him.

Netizens took to the comment section to share their amusement, “Sorry Abang Popia, we feel like joining the kids, it looks like so much fun!”

@abgpopia Buli lah abang dik sebab kalau korang dah besar nanti mesti abang rindu #fyp #fypシ ♬ MELANCHOLY(治愈系) - 南辰

Abang Popia shared the video on his TikTok with a caption: “Bully me as much as you want, I will miss all of you one day.” Aw, how cute!

The video has since garnered over 4.7 million views and over 534.7 thousand likes at the time of writing.

This video warms our hearts. Literally the cutest video we’ll ever see today!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat