“It’s Late, I’m Tired” Abang Polis Asks Drivers To Not Race And Drives Away

Police officers are often regarded as authoritative figures who play a crucial role in maintaining safety and combating crime. However, it's important to remember that they're also human and share similarities with the rest of us.

“it’s late, i’m tired” abang polis asks drivers to not race and drives awayPhoto via Facebook (DAily TRaffic REport)

A video posted on Facebook has gained widespread attention, showcasing a police officer, commonly referred to as "abang polis" (a term of respect), on patrol while addressing drivers about not engaging in reckless racing.

In the video, the police officer can be seen driving a white patrol car as he comes across several parked Honda vehicles on the roadside while the individuals were engaged in conversations.

Using the patrol car's loudspeaker, the officer addresses the occupants of the Honda vehicles in a considerate tone.

"Dear respected brothers of Honda, please avoid racing. I'm exhausted. Let's keep the safety of your loved ones on the road in mind. Take care."

The advice appears to have been taken seriously, as the police officer concludes his message and drives away.

#dtrai ~ Pesanan khidmat masyarakat utk abg2 honda 😅

Posted by DAily TRaffic REport on Saturday, 19 August 2023

Netizens responding in the comments section praised the officer for his approach, emphasizing that his communication style was not excessively stern. One commenter noted, "It's a missed opportunity if you disregard gentle advice like this. There's a reason behind such guidance – it's for everyone's safety."

Kudos to the police officer for providing sensible guidance! It is hoped that more Malaysians will adopt heightened awareness and caution while on the roads.