Abang Lori Kenapa Ni?

abang lori kenapa ni?

Photo: Twitter (@faridfarhat_)

Driving can become a bit of a bore especially if it’s long distance and you have no breaks or entertainment.

These lorry drivers amped things up a notch by providing some good content for laughter. Twitter user @faridfarhat_ decided to do us all a huge favour by compiling some witty signages. Of course, it went viral on Twitter - and we think it deserves more appreciation!

abang lori kenapa ni?Photo: Twitter (@faridfarhat_)

One straightforward sign said “abang tak curang” in capital, bright yellow fonts. Could it stand out more? We kinda want to know more about the sign. Did he kena kantoi? Did he get falsely accused? Ugh, so many questions!

In another picture, the driver did not bother to filter out words and hit the nail on the head with “wooiiii mangkuk, blind spot area”. It’s a pretty functional one, we think! A lot of the time, we tend to be ignorant towards other drivers and this is one way to catch attention and make sure road users take a look.

Meanwhile, another heartbroken abang lori only had two words for us: “penat bercinta”. Shucks, who hurt this guy? We really feel for him, because heart breaks can be worse than physical exhaustion. 

What are some of the funny signs you have seen on the roads?

By: Celestine Foo