"A Hero!" M'sians Online Praise Abang Bomba For Demonstrating The "Stop, Drop and Roll" Technique To Kids!

Recognising the critical importance of teaching our children life-saving skills in the event of a fire emergency cannot be overstated.

Traditionally, Bomba, or firefighters are designated to handle fire incidents, showcasing tremendous courage and sacrifice in their duties to protect us.

a hero! m'sians online praise abang bomba for demonstrating the stop, drop and roll technique to kids!Photo via X (@Injang_Nation)

A recent video gaining popularity on platform X features a group of schoolchildren participating in a camp at the local fire station. During this heartening event, a firefighter, donned in his firefighting jacket, demonstrates fire extinguishing techniques, engaging the children by rolling in front of them to simulate putting out a fire.

This display of hands-on education is commendable, earning the firefighter widespread praise for his bravery and commitment to imparting essential safety knowledge to the schoolchildren.

The unexpected reactions from the children, as observed in the video, have sparked discussions among netizens, highlighting the unforeseen impact of such educational initiatives.

As of the time of writing, the video has accumulated an impressive 823.4K views, along with 2K reposts and 4K likes on platform X. 

The varying reactions from netizens further emphasise the significance of instilling life-saving skills in our children, creating a community that is not only appreciative but actively engaged in promoting safety awareness.