A Stressed Out Elephant Stomps On Vehicle In Perak After Being Honked At

Elephants are usually peaceful animals… but do not underestimate their gentle nature, as elephants are also among the most dangerous and deadliest animals, especially with a calf present.

a stressed out elephant stomps on vehicle in perak after being honked atPhoto via Facebook (Perak Kini)

So if you’re driving in an area that has wildlife road signs everywhere, drive slowly and always be careful! 

Five individuals were fortunate enough to escape uninjured after an angry elephant trampled on their vehicle. 

It was believed to have taken place at the East-West Highway near Gerik at 7 pm when the car had stopped after spotting the gentle giant in the middle of the road.

According to sources, as reported by the Star: “Another vehicle behind the car honked and riled the animal. The five people in the car managed to escape.”

Bila jumpa situasi begini tak perlu padam semua lampu. Hanya buka lampu kecil dan jalan perlahan-lahan. Jangan sesekali hon dan highbeam( lampu tinggi ) pada gajah tersebut. Itu memang pantang larang bila terjumpa gajah. Jika tidak gajah akan terkejut dan bertindak argreasif. Lokasi berhampiran Banjaran Titiwangsa, jalan Grik, Kelantan ke Perak. Info PERAK Kini

Posted by PERAK Kini on Sunday, August 2, 2020

The 55-second clip of the incident which was posted on Facebook by Perak Kini has gone viral and has been viewed over 18.5 thousand views.

Gerik OCPD, Supt Zulkifli Mahmood confirmed the incident yesterday (3 August).

Yusoff Shariff, Perak Wildlife and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN) director said that his department has received a report on the incident and has tasked their officers to check the surrounding area. 

He advised road users to be patient and not use their high-beam lights at night, “They are also advised not to honk in their attempt to drive away elephants.”

Just remember that an elephant is not like a cat where you can honk at them, and they’ll just move away.

Wild animals are unpredictable and they can be dangerous, so be safe, everyone! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat