A Stranger Tried To Open This Woman’s Car Door At A Mall Carpark!

Girls, if you’re out alone, especially at night, do make sure you park at the designated “ladies parking” area or lock your doors immediately once you’re inside your car! 

Recently, one woman took to Facebook to warn others after she faced a horrifying incident while she was at Mid Valley Megamall’s car park.

In the Facebook post, user May Qi said that at around 9.36 pm on Thursday (6 August) when she was about to head home, she saw a man who had his face covered with a scarf slowly approaching her car. 

❗❗注意❗❗ 没想到会发生在我身上 独自去Mid Valley的女生,男生又或是有带小孩的请注意❗ 我在Mid Valley 8月6号 9.36pm 刚刚上车 休息一下没2分钟 我就注意到这人慢慢走近我的车(为什么会注意,...

Posted by May Qi on Thursday, August 6, 2020

...and within minutes, the man hit the passenger’s side mirror and attempted to open the front passenger’s door, but luckily she locked her car right after she got in!

When he realized the door was locked, the man then tried to open the door behind the passenger’s seat, but May Qi reacted swiftly and started pressing her horn to get help.

She also managed to take a video of the man when he stood beside her car after his failed attempt at opening the door. 

We can’t imagine being in her situation, it must have been terrifying to encounter that, especially when you’re alone.

a stranger tried to open this woman’s car door at a mall carpark!Photo via Facebook (May Qi)

In her post, she said: “Never thought such an incident will happen to me, for girls who go to Mid Valley alone, boys or those parents with kids, please be aware!”

A security guard then showed up and was seen asking the man some questions while the man calmly walked away like nothing happened. 

Mid Valley Megamall released a statement on their Facebook page (10 August), confirming that the incident did happen at their car park.

Confirmation of Carpark Incident in Mid Valley Megamall We can confirm that there has been an incident at the P1, Zone...

Posted by Mid Valley Megamall on Sunday, August 9, 2020

The post said: “We can confirm that there has been an incident at the P1, Zone C17 in Mid Valley Megamall car park at 9.37 pm on Wednesday, August 6. The incident involved a man who tried to open a lady shopper’s car left front door while she was in her Myvi car”

May Qi, we hope that you are okay, and for the ladies, if you’re out and about by yourself, please always be aware of your surroundings and always make sure you lock your car’s door.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat