A School Of Dolphins Were Recently Sighted In Tioman!

We wish we were there to see the dolphins, too! 

A Pulau Tioman native and resort manager, Mohd Faisal Safuan Saridan has only spotted dolphins in the island’s crystal clear waters four times his entire life - so imagine his excitement when the school of dolphins made a sudden appearance!

Safuan, together with his wife and two resort crew members caught sight of a school of playful dolphins while travelling on a boat from Kampung Tekek to Kampung Juara, last week.

The resort manager told BERNAMA: “I spotted what looked like a pod of dolphins from afar and immediately decided to try to approach them, knowing they would most likely swim away.”

“I did not expect there were so many of them, there was around 20!” he added.

He also said that the pod seemed undisturbed by their presence, and instead continued to play under the boat and even followed them for more than five minutes before swimming away.

They didn’t expect the video they posted on Juara Mutiara Resort Facebook page to attract so much attention, and has since garnered over 8 thousand views.

a school of dolphins were recently sighted in tioman!Photo via Facebook (Juara Mutiara Resort Tioman)

Tioman’s clear sea water resulted in a good quality video which allowed viewers to distinctly see the dolphins. Many couldn’t believe it and were surprised that dolphins existed in the waters of Pulau Tioman (including us!)

“Dolphins, in Tioman, are very difficult to catch sight of,” he said.

The video actually makes you want to jump in the water and swim with them! It’s so cute! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat