A Fisherman In Sarawak Caught A 161kg Grouper Worth About RM12K!

Guys, we’ve only seen a fish this size on TV!

A fisherman in Miri, Sarawak stunned the crowd after he caught a grouper weighing a whopping 161kg during a fishing trip to waters off Kuala Baram last Thursday (April 15th).

a fisherman in sarawak caught a 161kg grouper worth about rm12k!Photo via Malay Mail

According to the Malay Mail, the giant grouper was caught in his trawling net and was hauled up to the boat with the help from his friends on board the fishing vessel.

Rahman, the fisherman, said that this was the first time he had ever caught such a monstrous-size fish... “This is unforgettable,” he said.

He also added that since he started fishing in 1982, this is the first time that he has ever caught a fish weighing more than 150kg.

Not long after, Rahman was approached by a restaurant owner who wanted to buy the fish for about RM12,000, however after some haggling, the fish was then sold for a price which was not revealed and was agreed by both men.

This is so cool, but let’s be honest, the fish does look a bit scary… It’s bigger than the fisherman himself! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat