A First Date Nightmare

First dates can be the best thing ever (cue that one Miranda Cosgrove song about electricity), or just your worst possible nightmare.

Well for this one Twitter user, it seemed like he had such a bad first date experience that he had to share it to the world.

a first date nightmarePhoto: Ask Men

Try to keep up with us.

The story begins when the guy decided to go to Starbucks, upon the girl’s suggestion. After one perfume spray and a harrowing bus ride later, he arrived at Starbucks. After scouting the whole area a couple of times, he couldn’t find the girl, so he decided to buy a drink.

To his surprise, a single Starbucks drink cost up to RM16! Having not done his research beforehand, he took out the only RM20 he had on him and purchased a Java Chip Frappuccino. Now he’s left with RM3.40…for the whole date.

Not forgetting about his date, he texted the girl. As it turns out, his date has been there for the past 40 minutes just waiting for him. This was odd, since he could’ve sworn he made a full 360 around that coffee shop. As he was looking for her, he finally realized he had walked past her 4 times but couldn’t recognize her because (get this) she looked nothing like her Whatsapp profile picture!

Dejected, hurt, cheated- that was exactly how he felt after that tiring bus ride and spending his only RM20! (I mean who wouldn’t be upset right?).

Despite the traumatic experience, he left us all with a piece of advice – don’t date someone who uses too much filters in their photos. Because apparently, the girl had used too much filters on her pictures that she looked nothing like herself, causing him ‘pain and agony’. He even went as far as leaving the poor girl at Starbucks alone, if she hadn’t worn any make up on.

Twitterverse were quick to defend the girl and pointed out some quick dating tips for those whose keen to explore blind dating (or a RM20 date!)

Well let’s just hope we stay away from people who judge us based on our looks and remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya