A Customer Expressed His Gratitude To A Rider That Delivered His Food Despite Meeting With An Accident

While we are sitting comfortably in our homes and ordering anything and everything online, there are those who would go the extra mile and put themselves at risk as riders, just to deliver our food to us.

a customer expressed his gratitude to this rider that delivered his food despite meeting with an accidentPhoto: Soya Cincau

Mohd Ikmal Hanif expressed his gratitude on Twitter towards a Grabfood rider who met with an accident while delivering his dinner at the end of last week.

He wrote that he ordered his dinner via Grabfood and when his food arrived, the rider’s face was pale and his body had bruises all over. The rider apologized repeatedly to Ikmal for delivering his food late as he had met with an accident.

Ikmal felt bad that he had caused the rider to get into an accident. Ikmal told Mstar that he first thought that food deliveries are often delayed during the Movement Control order (MCO) after waiting for more than an hour for his Texas Chicken dinner to arrive.

When he was told by the apartment staff that his food delivery has arrived, he was also informed that the rider had met with an accident while on the way to his apartment in Shah Alam.

He managed to stop the rider outside the lobby to check on him and saw that the rider’s face was pale and that his pants were torn, exposing his bruised knee.

The rider told him that he had met with an accident involving a car that was turning at a junction without obeying the traffic light. The rider managed to avoid a fatal accident from being hit by the car, but he fell off his motorcycle as the roads were slippery after the rain. As for the car driver, he/she just left the scene. Jahatnya!

Ikmal told Mstar that he pitied the driver as he was still in shock and his body was trembling when he first met him. Ikmal offered to send him to the hospital but the rider politely declined and told Ikmal that he would like to go home to his wife.

As the rider apologized repeatedly to Ikmal, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the rider for his sacrifice.

Ikmal’s tweet went viral with over 12K retweets as netizens expressed their gratitude for riders and all the other frontliners in the same field for still providing their services during the MCO.

Grab Malaysia has also responded to Ikmal’s tweet, ensuring him that the rider is safe and that the company is helping him with his insurance claims.

Thank you for your service abang riders!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya