A Bittersweet Story Of Mayau The Cat

We don’t need another sad news today but here’s a bittersweet story of Mayau the cat.

Mayau is owned by Twitter user @uncleonion, and he’s a very happy cat. Mayau loved to play with his “Daddy”. He also followed him wherever he went. Even to the toilet. Mayau loved to take pictures like his “Mommy”.

His favourite hobby was sleeping

Mayau always accompanied his mommy while she’s driving and waited for his daddy to come back home from work.

Playing with Mayau is the best part of the day whenever his owner comes home from a long day of work.

Mayau even had a girlfriend named Miya. He loved Miya very much.

Mayau never wanted to be left behind.

But one day, Maya fell ill. He didn’t eat nor drink and was later confirmed to be positive for Parvovirus. Mayau’s mommy and daddy were extremely sad and just couldn’t bear the thought of Mayau leaving.

7 hours after leaving the vet, Mayau suddenly couldn’t breathe, and he died in his father’s arms. Mayau was buried by both his parents, wishing they will soon meet again in heaven.

Mayau’s story had gone viral with more than 14K retweets, all mourning over the loss of Mayau.

We offer our sincere condolences to Mayau’s owners and hope that all the happy memories they made together will be cherished forever. Rest in peace, Mayau.

a bittersweet story of mayau the catPhoto: Twitter @uncleonion

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya