A Beautifully Sung Hope For A United Malaysia

In a time where Malaysians are fighting over what scriptures can or cannot be taught in schools, or what decorations can or cannot be put up at schools, this little girl proves that racial unity is still possible.

a beautifully sung hope for a united malaysia

Photo: Facebook David Khoo

In a viral video posted by Facebook user, David Khoo, a Malay school girl was shown singing a song for the school’s Chinese New Year Celebration beautifully in Mandarin!

In the post, David Khoo wrote “Racial harmony begins with singing! She sang so well! Please give this little Malay girl a like!."

Singing a song commonly sung during Chinese New Year, the girl does indeed sound amazing as she dances on the stage, giving a performance of a lifetime.

The video had since been shared by over 10K users on Facebook with comments flooding in praising the girl’s singing.

Some commented that the girl’s singing is exactly what Malaysia stands for - UNITY.

a beautifully sung hope for a united malaysiaOne Chinese man even claimed that the girl can sing the song of his mother tongue, even better than him!

a beautifully sung hope for a united malaysia

We have no choice but to stan this little girl for showing us that peace and racial unity can be achieved if we embrace each other’s differences.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya