7-Year-Old Girl From Perlis Wows Netizens With Her Impressive Roti Canai Flipping Skills!

Girl, that is very impressive!

Recently, a 7-year-old girl caught netizens’ attention with her amazing roti canai flipping skills.

According to Kosmo, the girl, Yusra Asna Ruslin learned how to flip roti canai three months ago from her parents who work together at a food stall, Uwita Enterprise near the Balai Baru traffic junction in Perlis. 



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Yusra said that it was hard to learn at first but after practising so many times, she finally mastered the skill to flip roti canai perfectly.

Since she started helping her parents at the stall, Yusra has been able to make around 50 to 60 pieces of roti canai everyday. Wah, that’s a lot!

According to Yusra’s father, Ruslin, he said that he brought his three children to help at the stall as a way to get them away from their phones. 



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When Yusra started learning, there was lots of damage to his roti canai but he was happy that his daughter was not discouraged and kept trying with her mother. 

He also said that Yusra’s teachers also encouraged her which helped in building her confidence. 

Netizens were impressed with Yusra’s skills and took to the comment section to encourage her even more. Some even praised Yusra for her dedication to learn something new.



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That is very impressive. Keep it up, Yusra!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat