6-Year-Old Boy Sells His Toys To Buy McDonald's For His Friends At The Orphanage

This young boy has a heart of gold! 

A 6-year-old boy recently went viral after selling his toys in a garage sale to belanja 35 orphans some McDonald’s! 

6-year-old boy sells his toys to buy mcdonald's for his friends at the orphanagePhoto via Twitter (@_weahxx)

His mother shared the heartwarming story on Twitter, saying that after her son saw a Mickey Mouse mascot asking for money in front of a McDonald's, he suddenly got the brilliant idea to sell his own toys to help other children in need.

Her son, whose name is Sayf said that he wanted to help his “friends” and decided to sell some of his toys in a garage sale in front of their home in Ampang. 

“Anyone who wants to help Sayf’s charity program can send me a message. There are Hot Wheels and monster trucks all priced between RM2-RM5” her caption reads. 

His kindness and generosity captured the hearts of Malaysians, and praised the little boy and his parents for his good deeds!

Keep up the good work, Sayf! We’re so proud of you!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat