Brave 50-Year-Old Uncle Jumps Into Monsoon Drain to Help Woman Clinging to Submerged Car During Flood!

A 50-year-old man is being lauded for his incredible bravery after he fearlessly leaped into a monsoon drain to rescue a woman whose car had skidded into it at KM 42.5 of the Johor Bahru–Kota Tinggi Highway on 7 January. 

The incident gained attention when a video was shared on Orang Kota Tinggi, a community Facebook group.

brave 50-year-old uncle jumps into monsoon drain to help woman clinging to submerged car during flood!Photo via Facebook (Orang Kota Tinggi)

In the 14-second clip, a woman desperately clings to the back of the submerged vehicle amidst powerful currents in the flooded drain. Identified as Choo Ngiam Choong, a man courageously leaps over the guardrail and safely moves the distressed woman to the drain's banks, despite the car being swept away.

The mishap occurred during heavy rainfall as the 37-year-old driver lost control of her vehicle, resulting in it skidding and landing in the drain. Fortunately, the driver escaped unharmed, while her 43-year-old passenger sustained minor injuries and was swiftly taken to Kota Tinggi Hospital.

Kota Tinggi district police chief Supt Hussin Zamora confirmed the details and remarked, "They both were badly shaken by the incident but fortunately nothing untoward happened. The vehicle was swept away and is yet to be recovered as of press time."

Choo Ngiam Choong, recounting the incident, emphasised that he didn't hesitate to jump in and rescue the woman upon seeing her being carried away by the strong currents. He narrated that he was en route from Kota Tinggi to Mawai, Johor, for breakfast when he noticed the unfolding emergency.

"I didn't think twice and immediately jumped in to save the woman after seeing her being swept away by the strong current," Choo stated to the New Straits Times. "Considering the risk of drowning, I immediately jumped in to reach the woman, and several other friends did too, as passersby at the scene also assisted," he added.

Expressing gratitude and happiness for averting a potential tragedy, Choo thanked his ability to swim and navigate challenging terrains. He acknowledged the importance of preserving life, stating, "I am good at swimming and have navigated hilly and challenging areas before. 

“I'm thankful I have the stamina to assist the victim. Money can still be earned, but if a life is lost, there's no replacement."

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Posted by Orang Kota - Tinggi on Saturday, 6 January 2024

In light of his heroic actions, the community extends heartfelt thanks to Choo Ngiam Choong for his selfless courage in ensuring the safety of the distressed woman during this harrowing incident.