Twenty-Eight Cows Found Dead In Kelantan, Believed To Be Poisoned

Last Saturday (20 August), around 28 cows were found dead in Kampung Teresek in Pasir Mas, Kelantan. 

According to Kosmo, the cows, including some pregnant ones, are believed to have been poisoned. Eight cattle breeders suffered a loss of almost RM50,000. 

Ismail Husin, 62-year-old cattle breeder claimed to have found his cows with their mouths foaming just 300 meters from their pen. One of his friends, who is also a breeder, informed him of the incident. 

twenty-eight cows found dead in kelantan, believed to be poisonedPhoto via Kosmo Online

“My heart broke when I saw the 13 cows that I owned lying lifeless on the ground. What makes it sadder was there’s also some pregnant females in the herd that were about to give birth.

He suspected that his cows had been poisoned after finding a few water containers filled with water and a mixture of paddy fertilizers near the area, “How could they have left the containers containing the poison there. We have lodged a police report because there’s definitely an element of foul play,” he continued. 

Ismail added that this is the first time something like this happened to him in his 20 years of cattle breeding. 

This is so sad! The poor cows…

We hope the authorities will take this matter seriously!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat