11-Year-Old Singaporean Boy Steals RM12,000 From His Mother For Game Credits

A mother in Singapore was shocked to discover that her 11-year-old son had not only stolen $4,000 of her money within three months, but he had also spent it all on game credits and treating his friends to a lavish meal.

According to AsiaOne, the 43-year-old woman named Linda said that she found it odd when she realised that her younger son had not been asking for his allowance for some time.

11-year-old singaporean boy steals rm12,000 from his mother for game creditsPhoto via Mothership

Due to her curiosity, she checked her son’s wallet on September 12th and was shocked to find $58 inside.

After an “intense interrogation” session, the boy finally confessed that he had taken the money from her wallet.

He told her that he splurged the money on his friends as well as to buy online gift cards to top up his mobile gaming credits. 

Linda was in disbelief after finding out the truth as her son does not even have his own mobile phone, however, he is allowed to use his cousin’s phone for up to two hours each day after he is done with his homework.

“I checked the transactions and found out that at the beginning, he reloaded the credits in the tens of dollars, but it slowly increased to more than $100. Then on a particular day, the amount was more than $600,” said Linda. 

Her son had spent more than $3000 in total on gaming, while $500 was splurged on a meal with his friends.

Moms and dads, please keep an eye on your children’s activity online, and keep your wallets where they can’t find them!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat