A Tourist Was Picked Up By The Popo For Smoking A Bong In Langkawi

a tourist was picked up by the popo for smoking a bong in langkawi

A Chinese tourist was detained by police after a video of him using a weird smoking device that looked a lot like a bong was shared on social media on Sunday (17 March).


The police suspected he was doing drugs in public, so they picked him up. According to The Star, Langkawi police chief Supt Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said they sent out a couple of popos to investigate after they saw the video online.

They detained the 60-year-old man and conducted a drug test on him, but surprisingly it came back negative. Turns out the uncle was just smoking a type of tobacco called ?kao ye? or ?hong yen? which isn?t considered illegal.

a tourist was picked up by the popo for smoking a bong in langkawi
The tourist?s tobacco - Image via China Press

Apparently, the uncle and his wife followed a tour group and arrived in Langkawi on Sunday for a 5D4N tour.

He reportedly claimed that customs officers had scanned his baggage and found the ?bong?. But they let him bring it in as it wasn?t against the law. After he tested negative for drugs, the Langkawi police released him but confiscated the bong and tobacco.