Malaysia’s First-Ever Pet Pharmacy Opens In Johor

malaysia’s first-ever pet pharmacy opens in johor

Photo via Insider Retail

You read it correctly! A pet pharmacy!

Vet Pharmacy, by none other than local pet food and supplies retailer Pet Lovers Centre (PLC), is a dedicated pharmacy for pet supplements, medications and even bath works.

Owners will also be able to seek medical guidance from qualified professionals, even if your pet has a specific health problem that needs to be dealt with.

malaysia’s first-ever pet pharmacy opens in johor

Photo via FMT

PLC Malaysia Operations Director Bryan Boo told Free Malaysia Today, “The aim of the Vet Pharmacy is to offer our services and extended knowledge in pet healthcare to empower owners to understand what is needed for their furry friends.”

“Through understanding and sharing information, we are hoping to equip these owners with the knowledge in further caring for their pets,” he added.

The Vet Pharmacy not only offers personalised advice on how to take care of your pet, but also helps you plan meals with custom flavouring if your pet is a picky eater.

As for now, it’s unclear if PLC plans to expand its new venture, but it’s good to know that pet owners now have a means of easy access to professional pet care.

by Kyle Roshen Jacob