A Malaysian Icon Turns 35

a malaysian icon turns 35

Photo via Twitter

From being called an ‘uncle’s car’ to a youth’s preferred choice, the Proton Saga has truly lived up to its name since its debut on July 9th, 1985.

The Saga has gone through almost 10 design changes over the years, as Proton unveils a special 35th anniversary of the car this year.

Malaysians have been flocking on social media to share photos of themselves with their Saga, as did Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who of course helped birth Proton during his first stint as Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

Here are some heartfelt posts from Malaysians that will make you feel simply nostalgic.


And in case you forgot, the Saga was even featured in an episode of Mr. Bean!

a malaysian icon turns 35


What are some of your memories with the Proton Saga?

by Kyle Roshen Jacob