ZICO Reveals He Wrote Six Songs for BLACKPINK's JENNIE Before Their Collaboration on "SPOT!"

Block B's leader, ZICO, recently revealed that he wrote six songs for BLACKPINK's JENNIE before they collaborated on "SPOT!" which was released on April 26th. 

zico reveals he wrote six songs for blackpink's jennie before their collaboration on spot!Photo via allkpop

ZICO shared this behind-the-scenes detail during an episode of "The K-Star Next Door," a YouTube show hosted by entertainer Jonathan.

The conversation began with Jonathan highlighting ZICO's prolific songwriting abilities, emphasising his knack for creating hit songs since his days with Block B. Jonathan asked ZICO which of his compositions has earned him the most royalties, playfully suggesting, "Which song makes you earn more money than others? Are there any songs you'd like to kiss if they were alive?"

ZICO, laughing, replied, "Honestly, I feel like giving all my songs a kiss. But if I had to choose, I'd say 'Any Song' is probably my top earner."

Later in the interview, ZICO discussed his collaboration with JENNIE. He explained that he didn't start with a song and then select an artist; instead, he knew he wanted to work with JENNIE and crafted "SPOT!" with her in mind. 

He went on to say, "Before we finalised 'SPOT!', I had written a total of six songs, all designed specifically for JENNIE. I eventually narrowed it down to two, which I presented to her. This way, she could choose the one that resonated with her."

Working with JENNIE was a new experience for ZICO, and he spoke about his approach to their collaboration. He noted, "JENNIE has her own unique style of interpreting songs. Rather than dictating how she should sing, I recorded and then pointed out the parts that I liked. This method allowed her to infuse her own personality into the track."

ZICO's openness to collaboration and his respect for JENNIE's artistic input played a crucial role in the success of "SPOT!" Their partnership truly demonstrated the importance of flexibility and creative chemistry in the music industry.