Zico Addresses Claims That His Collaboration with BLACKPINK's Jennie Overshadows BOYNEXTDOOR

Zico's latest single, "SPOT!", features a dynamic collaboration with BLACKPINK's Jennie, marking his return to the music scene.

Apart from his career as an artist, Zico also serves as the CEO of KOZ Entertainment, the agency behind the popular boy band BOYNEXTDOOR.

zico addresses claims that his collaboration with blackpink's jennie overshadows boynextdoorPhoto via Soompi

BOYNEXTDOOR is enjoying a wave of success with their hit single "Earth, Wind & Fire." The track has garnered attention for its rapid lyrics, memorable melody, and the group's energetic live shows.

Zico was recently a guest on "The K Star Next Door," hosted by the witty Jonathan, where he was playfully asked about potentially competing with his own artists. Jonathan jokingly questioned Zico's decision to release his single while BOYNEXTDOOR was also in the middle of their promotional cycle, referring to Zico as the "father" and BOYNEXTDOOR as his "children."

Zico clarified that his comeback wouldn't affect BOYNEXTDOOR's success. Despite Jonathan's playful attempts to stir up a friendly debate, Zico confidently stated that his single wouldn't overshadow BOYNEXTDOOR's promotional activities. 

He emphasised that the group's members are hard workers with a strong drive, describing them as "hustlers."

Jonathan suggested that Zico's presence might inspire BOYNEXTDOOR to work even harder, but Zico maintained that the group is already motivated and dedicated. He reassured the audience that he would never release a track that could harm BOYNEXTDOOR's success.

Ultimately, Zico's priority is BOYNEXTDOOR's growth and success. He indicated that if his single had any chance of negatively impacting the group, he would have chosen a different release schedule. 

While promoting "SPOT!", Zico continues to support his artists and ensure that they have the spotlight they deserve.