ZAMAN KITA - An Exhibition Celebrating Malaysians

zaman kita - an exhibition celebrating malaysians

August and September are special months, as patriotic spirits reach new levels of high. We see eager Malaysians showing their love for the country in various ways, and these two young Malaysians have taken the initiative to express the diversity of our country and the nostalgic moments of childhoods past.

zaman kita - an exhibition celebrating malaysians

A joint exhibition by Daniel Adams (@danieladamsphotography on Instagram) and John Kam (@cvpturesjohn on Instagram), the Zaman Kita exhibition is a collection of three series - Daniel’s “Nostalgia” series, as well as “Membawang” and “Skindeep” by John. 

zaman kita - an exhibition celebrating malaysians

The idea for this creative project came into inception because of a shared interest in the stories of young Malaysians. “Nostalgia” transports us back into time, with captivating visuals of individuals and the items they hold closest to their hearts. 

Meanwhile, “Membawang” traverses the ties of harmony and community that have bonded us Malaysians together from past to present. Finally, “Skindeep” is a narrative project that aims to share the perspectives of those who have lived in this country, regardless of their status as locals, expats or transients.

Head over to GMBB from 12th September-18th September to appreciate all the quirks and beauty of this country in one place. 

By: Celestine Foo