You’ve Never Been Stuck Like This Before

you’ve never been stuck like this before

Photo via JBPM Pahang

If you don’t already know, fires are the least of The Fire and Rescue Department's problems.

Over the years, you’d think they’ve seen it all - from having to rescue puppies in drains, to deal with people threatening to jump off buildings or even to cut off rings from numerous people’s private parts.

The thing is, they probably have, and that’s why receiving a call reporting that a man had dropped his keys in a squatting toilet and got his hand stuck may not have been such a surprise.

Some of us may have had a similar experience accidentally dropping something into a toilet bowl, but getting your hand stuck in the process of retrieving it? Probably not.

It’s unclear where and when this happened, but this Twitter user pointed out that the incident allegedly happened at a petrol station… and we all know how clean those toilets are.

So the next time you need to use a public restroom, here’s a little tip: don’t multitask whilst taking a leak!

by Kyle Roshen Jacob