You Need To Wear A Face Mask Onboard Malaysia Airlines

You should avoid travelling at all costs, especially during the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO), but if you really have to travel via Malaysia Airlines, you would need to use a facemask.

you need to wear a facemask onboard malaysia airlinesPhoto: Selangor Journal

Malaysia Airlines released a statement today, that it is enforcing the use of facemasks for all passengers onboard its airlines effective 23 April 2020.

In containing the spread of COVID-19, Malaysia Airlines requires all passengers to bring and wear their own protective masks during check-in, boarding, inside the aircraft cabin, during disembarkation and while passengers are collecting their baggage upon arrival.

you need to wear a facemask onboard malaysia airlinesPhoto: New Straits Times

The statement stresses that this requirement applies to all passengers (excluding infants) travelling on all of Malaysia Airlines’ domestic, international and charter flights and that it will not accept passengers that do not have/wear a face mask at the time of check-in and boarding.

Passengers are also advised to bring additional masks and hand sanitizers for their personal use especially on long haul flights.

Social distancing should also be observed while other safety measures during the pre-departure and arrival process should not be taken lightly.

For more information, you can visit their website for the latest travel advice.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya