You Could Face Jail Time If You Refuse To Wear A Face Mask

you could face jail time if you refuse to wear a face mask

Photo via AsiaOne

Fine or jail time? That is the question.

The use of face masks in public is about to be made mandatory under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act, and you could either be fined RM1,000 or be put in jail if you fail to comply.

This rule will especially be observed in public places where social distancing is hard to enforce, such as small restaurants and bars, as well as on public transportation.

An official announcement on the move can be expected soon.

The Health Ministry has also once again reiterated the importance of using a face mask, as it could reduce the risk of infection by 65%, as well as social distancing, which could reduce transmission by up to 70%.

The news comes after new COVID-19 cases hit double digits for a third straight day yesterday (July 21st), as officials remain concerned about the slight rise in new infections.

With that, we hope that you’re still following SOPs, and also, wear your mask PROPERLY! 

Make sure it fully covers your nose and chin. Partly covering your nose and mouth or just leaving it at your neck would increase the risk of infection as the mask will be contaminated.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob