You Can Now See And Touch Taobao Products

you can now see and touch taobao products Photo: South China Morning Post

E-commerce isn’t something new anymore, with various different sites locked in a continuous battle to be the best one.

What’s even more interesting is how some e-commerce stores are launching physical stores now - a complete turnaround from the original point of online platforms! 

In September, Taobao launched a physical store in Singapore, and now they are opening one here too (yay!). Located in MyTOWN Shopping Centre, we can already foresee it’s gonna be pretty convenient (whether it’s more convenient than shopping online, we don’t know la).

The target audience for the physical store isn’t your usual “buy cheap cheap stuff in bulk” customers. It’s those who have trust issues - not in relationships la. More like those who are extra careful of buying high-end products online. It’s understandable, given how we would want to ensure what we are paying for is what we are getting.

In true retail store style, shoppers can now see and touch the actual products, helping them to decide on whether to buy it or not.

you can now see and touch taobao products Photo: Taobao Malaysia

"The Taobao Store will serve as a platform for us to showcase popular products and introduce new ones that appeal to local consumers, and we hope to employ our consumer insights and technology to create new opportunities for our local partners to deliver even better services," said the Marketing Manager of Tmall World Malaysia, Jess Lew.

"Shoppers can enjoy a full package of pre and after sales services, design consultations, and installations, and many other offerings that elevates their shopping experience," Lumahgo New Retail's CEO Fabian Kong added. 

Shoppers are advised to have the Taobao app on their phone as well for the complete experience. But there’s just one tiny problem - those who can’t read/write Mandarin may run into some trouble due to the language barrier. Not to worry though, the staff are aware of the issue and try to help customers out in any way they can!

Will you be dropping by for a visit?

By: Celestine Foo