World War II Bomb Found At A Home In Penang

Picture this: It’s a beautiful, sunny day and you decide to do some gardening.

You’ve bought some new plants and already cleared a patch to plant them.

As you start digging, your shovel hits something hard with a clunk sound.

You then dig a little more only to find an old bomb underneath all that soil!

world war ii bomb found at a home in penang

Photo via The Star

What would you do next?

Well, for this tenant in Penang, the story isn’t that elaborate, but it more or less has the same ending!

According to The Star, police confirmed that a World War II bomb was indeed found in the compound of a kampung house in Permatang Berangan after it rained yesterday evening (September 28th).

North Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Noorzainy Mohd Noor said the tenant's daughter lodged a report, after her mother had uncovered the bomb.

“The complainant told the police that the object was not planted by anyone, but her mum had stumbled on it after rain.”

“The rain caused the object in the ground to be exposed," he said.

It’s understood that the tenant had been living there for six years and the surrounding area of the house had not been modified.

Noorzainy added that the police bomb squad had confirmed that the object was in fact a shell used during World War II.

“The bomb has been safely retrieved by the Bomb Disposal Unit and will be brought to Penang police headquarters to be detonated," he said.

What a cool find!

by Kyle Roshen Jacob