“World’s Dirtiest Man” In Iran Dies A Few Month After His First Shower

One Iranian man has been known as the “world’s dirtiest man” because he hasn’t taken a shower for over 60 years. 

“world’s dirtiest man” in iran dies a few month after his first showerPhoto via Mashable SEA

According to The Guardian, the man, who is known by his community as ‘Amou Haji’ or Uncle Haji lived in a cinder-block shack, and his body was covered in soot and puss. The villagers claimed that he refused to wash because of the “emotional setbacks in his youth.”

He also feared that washing with soap and water could make him ill, which is why he hasn’t bathed for over 60 years. 

The villagers, however, managed to convince Uncle Haji to take his first bath. 

Just a few months later, Uncle Haji died on Sunday (23 October) in the village of Dejgah in Fars’ southern province of Fars.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat