Woman Loses Half A Million To Scammer Pretending To Be Her Brother, M’sians Urged To Exercise Caution!

In a recent scam, a 31-year-old woman fell prey to a scammer pretending to be her brother!

The woman, who works as a company manager, received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number claiming to be her 29-year-old brother. The message asked her to transfer a large sum of RM570,174, stating it was for a business matter.

woman loses half a million to scammer pretending to be her brother, m’sians urged to exercise caution!Photo via The Sun Daily

Surprisingly, the phone number didn't match her brother's real number. Despite this, without suspecting anything wrong, she transferred the money to the account given by the scammer.

According to BERANAMA, Iskandar Puteri district police chief, ACP Rahmat Ariffin, explained, "The phone number was not the same as her brother’s real phone number. 

“But not suspecting anything, the victim transferred the amount to the account given by the scammer."

When she found out her brother hadn't asked for money, she reported the scam to the police. 

An investigation was then launched under Section 420 of the Penal Code by the Commercial Crime Investigation Division of the Iskandar Puteri district police headquarters.

In response to this incident, ACP Rahmat Ariffin advised everyone to be cautious when getting messages or calls from unknown numbers. He stressed the need to check and verify such requests before making any money transfers. 

This case highlights the importance for Malaysians to be careful and thorough, especially when dealing with money matters.