Woman In China Broke Four Ribs After A Coughing Fit Caused By Eating Spicy Food

A young Chinese woman recently ended up in the hospital with multiple broken ribs after a coughing fit caused by eating spicy food.

If you've ever eaten spicy food, you're aware that it can make you cough a little. You probably weren't aware, but in extreme circumstances, coughing brought on by spicy food can actually result in bone fractures, as reported by Oddity Central. 

woman in china broke four ribs after a coughing fit caused by eating spicy foodPhoto via Oddity Central

An example would be a Chinese woman from Shanghai who, while coughing from spicy food, broke no less than four ribs because she was too skinny and had poorly developed muscles.

The woman, surnamed Huang, reported that she had been eating spicy food, which had at one point started her coughs, she told the doctors.

The young woman allegedly heard a loud crack from her chest area during a particularly strained cough, and she immediately felt pain when trying to breathe and speak.

Huang said, "I didn't expect it to hurt this badly at first. I thought it was a stroke or something," adding that she was unable to even walk.

She was able to reach a nearby hospital, where a CT scan identified four fractured ribs. Doctors performed a bone density test after hearing the woman's story about her coughing, and the results were normal. 

A thoracic surgeon examined the woman and performed additional tests before coming to the conclusion that the woman's weak muscles were the cause of the bone fractures.

Ohh, all that from spicy food?! We’re glad she was able to reach a hospital on time and get treated!