Woman Accidentally Crashes Car Into Petrol Station Convenience Store

woman accidentally crashes car into petrol station convenience store

A foreign female driver accidentally crashed into the premises of a convenience store at a petrol station in Bangi, Selangor yesterday afternoon (December 1st).

According to Kajang District Police Chief ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan, the 33-year-old woman had gotten into her manual car and started the engine, unaware that the car wasn’t in neutral.

This caused her car to suddenly jerk forward and crash through the store’s glass doors!

While the store was left in bad shape, no one was injured in the incident, thankfully.

If you’re driving a manual transmission car, always make sure your car is in free gear when parked.

And if your car’s an automatic, make sure your gear shift is in ‘P’ and not ‘N’ when parked.

We’re glad no one got hurt! Drive safe, everyone.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob