Why Pay Now When You Can PayLater?

why pay now when you can paylater?Photo: Paul Tan

Payment methods have evolved from cash-only transactions to cashless transactions. Now, Grab will be introducing a postpaid feature. 
Very aptly named PayLater, this postpaid service allows Grab users to continue using Grab Rides, GrabFood and GrabExpress like usual without having to worry about whether they have sufficient GrabPay credits or cash. Payment can be made at the end of the month, with no extra charges as long as payment is completed on time. 
While a postpaid feature may not be something that appeals to all, some of the benefits do seem appealing. You will now be able to easily keep track of the amount you spend on Grab services while enjoying a flexible payment option. Whether using cash or cashless transactions, payment hiccups can still happen, which could result in users being unable to use the service. Now, there is no excuse anymore, so you can look forward to a smoother user experience. 

why pay now when you can paylater?

Photo: Grab.com

From September 2019, eligible users will have the option to use the PayLater feature. Upon activation, users will receive instant access to a unique pre-approved PayLater Amount based on their user profile. These users will then receive a single bill with the accumulated transactions at the end of the month, which they can they pay for using GrabPay. The payment due date will be by the seventh day of the month in which the bill was generated. There will also be payment reminders sent out to users prior to the due date.
The PayLater system is such that users will have a fixed pre-approved limit and will still be able to receive GrabRewards points when they use PayLater or GrabPay. Users who do not complete payment by the due date will be suspended from the PayLater feature. In the event that excess payment is made, the balance amount will be carried forward to the following month. 
Currently only available to selected users, the feature will be rolled out in stages so fret not - simply be patient and wait for your turn!

By: Celestine Foo