What Was Up With The MRR2 Yesterday?

Were you caught in a two-hour jam on the MRR2 (Middle Ring Road 2) yesterday morning at 8:00am? Well, here's what happened.

what was up with the mrr2 yesterday?

Photo via ITIS

A stalled tanker was reported near Hillview this morning at around 7:00am that was obstructing both the left and middle lanes, causing a two-hour congestion on the MRR2 in both directions from the Billion roundabout and the National Zoo.

what was up with the mrr2 yesterday?

what was up with the mrr2 yesterday?

There was an unusual build-up on the highway and drivers were advised to use the BESRAYA or the AKLEH Highway as an alternative for those who were driving from Sri Petaling on the Kesas Highway, and for those who were travelling from Taman Melawati, they were advised to take the inner roads to skip the traffic.

Traffic only started going back to normal at around 9:30am. So, if you were late for work this morning and if your boss was giving you a hard time, this is proof that you did not oversleep.


by Rayelene Chin