What's Opening On July 1st?

Excited to watch a movie or take a dip in the pool again... WAIT! You can only do so on July 1st.

The government has allowed several social and economic activities to resume in July, after they were suspended for about 4 months.

Here's some information you need to know before you start heading off on Wednesday to avoid being a fish out of water.

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1. Swimming pools

For now, you're only allowed to swim in public and private pools such as in hotels, gated residences, apartments, and condos.

Don't plan about going to water theme parks because they're still closed.

Oh and don't forget to shower before and after entering the pool.

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2. Cinemas, theaters and live events

This is only for enclosed halls or spaces. A maximum of 250 people are allowed, depending on the space.

But, you won't be able to sit with your whole gang, because seats will be marked to ensure social distancing.

Your body temperature will also be screened.

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3. Social activities

Go ahead, start planning your wedding, birthdays, reunions and if you're holy... prayers.

But, you can't do an all nighter party. Your event should be held for 3 to 5 hours only.

You're also not allowed to invite the whole battalion, so keep the guest list to 250 people.

Well, the good thing is you don't have to stress about what lipstick to wear, because you'll be required to wear a face mask! (stepping up your fashion game with style)

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4. Meetings

Similar to events, not more than 250 are allowed to attend but this also depends on space.

You're required to follow the usual SOPs, which you should be familiar with by now.

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5. Kindergartens and preschools

Premises must provide washing facilities, temperature scanners and an isolation room.

Children are encouraged to wear face masks, but teachers will have to do so.

Parents must drop off and pick up their kids according to specific times and are not allowed to enter premises.

Kids are not allowed to bring their own food, drinks and bags to their preschools.

Field trips, group activities or activities that require physical contact are not allowed.

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6. Spa, wellness and reflexology centres

Don't get happy too early. You'll still have to comply to SOPs like social distancing, temperature checks, use of face shields or masks upon entering the premises. 

For now, only Malaysian employees will be allowed to go back to work, while foreigners are still barred.  

Bye-bye toxins, hello spa day. 

By: Roshini Ravindran