Welcome To The World, Corona And Corina!

The Wildlife and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN) recently announced the birth of not one, but two baby pangolins under their care.

welcome to the world, corona and corina!Photo via Facebook (Jabatan PERHILITAN Semenanjung Malaysia)

Pangolins are critically endangered due to trafficking of its scales and the consumption of its meat, so having these babies born in captivity is actually good news and a step forward towards the conservation of the species. 

PERHILITAN named the first-ever pangolins born in captivity as Corona and Corina, and we still can’t get over how adorable their names are!

Corona, weighing 150 grams and measuring 29 cm was born on May 6, while Corina, who weighs 140 grams and is 26 cm long, was born on 11 May. The mothers, Tara and Pidang are also doing well. 

PERHILITAN explained in their Facebook post that the births of these baby pangolins were something to be proud of as it is extremely challenging to breed pangolins in captivity because pangolins are very sensitive animals and are unable to adapt to environmental changes. 

“These are the first births of the species in captivity in Malaysia and it’s a proud achievement because pangolins are hard to breed in captivity. Pangolins are an endangered species and this is the first conservation program for them.”

It is definitely a proud moment that everyone should celebrate! We hope that Corona and Corina will grow up and one day have their own little babies! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat