Wearing A Face Mask Is Not Necessary At Petrol Stations

Should you or should you not wear a face mask at the petrol station?

According to Penang police chief, Comm Datuk Sahabudin Abd Manan said that wearing a face mask at a petrol station is not necessary as long as we are able to maintain physical distancing.

wearing a face mask is not necessary at petrol stationsPhoto via Head Topics

“A petrol station is a public place. But if the person is alone and the station is not crowded, then there is no need for him or her to wear a face mask,” he said as reported by The Star.

He also added that the SOPs released by the National Security Council (MKN) clearly stated that the wearing of face masks was compulsory in crowded places but not in areas where physical distancing could be practiced.

Crowded places include markets, farmers’ markets, night markets, supermarkets, tourist areas, and cinemas. 

So, don’t forget to always follow the SOPs that have been set by MKN - wear a face mask in crowded places, and don’t forget to maintain physical distancing! 

Stay safe, everyone! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat