Wear Face Masks, Get Vaccinated, Omicron Risk Is Still High Says WHO

It’s not over yet, we’re still in a pandemic in case you forgot!

The risk level related to the Omicron variant remains very high, said the WHO on Tuesday (January 25th), with the numbers of new COVID-19 cases hitting another record high last week. 

wear facemasks, get vaccines, omicron risk is still high says whoPhoto via South China Morning Post

According to NST, the World Health Organization (WHO) said: “Over 21 million new cases were reported, representing the highest number of weekly cases recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.”

The UN health agency said the number of new infections increased by 5% in the week to Sunday (January 23rd), compared to the 20% rise registered the week before.

“A slower increase in the case incidence was observed at the global level,” said WHO.

Nearly 50,000 new deaths were reported worldwide, a similar figure to the week before. The report also said that Omicron continued to increase its dominance globally over the other Variants of Concern (VOC).

Countries that experienced a rapid rise in Omicron cases in November and December have been, or are beginning to see declines in cases. However, “based on the currently available evidence, the overall risk related to the variant remains very high,” they added.

wear facemasks, get vaccines, omicron risk is still high says whoPhoto via Deccan Herald

Delta was previously the world’s dominant variant, now making up 10.7%.

We shouldn’t be complacent, and must always remember to follow the SOPs that have been set by the government.

Wear a face mask when you’re out in public, wash your hands regularly and maintain physical distancing. Get yourself vaccinated if you haven’t!

We’re all in this together, guys. Stay healthy and stay safe. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat