We’re Getting Closer To Stopping Single-Use Plastic Bags

We’ve just taken a massive step towards stopping the use of plastic bags nationwide. 

we’re getting closer to stopping single-use plastic bagsPhoto via Getty Images

The Environment and Water Ministry says all states have expressed support for the ‘No Plastic Bag’ initiative, which aims to address the pollution problem caused by single-use plastics. 

The National Council Meeting for Local Government, which met this week, has agreed to approve the implementation of the initiative at all premises nationwide by imposing a minimum 20 sen charge for customers who insist on a plastic bag. 

The money collected will be used for environmental sustainability activities. 

we’re getting closer to stopping single-use plastic bagsPhoto via New Straits Times

However, its going to take some time before we go completely plastic-free. 

The Ministry says the initiative will be carried out in two phases over the next five years. 

The first phase will focus on ensuring full compliance by permanent premises like supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants around the country. 

The second phase, from 2022 to 2025, will see the campaign extended to smaller businesses like grocery shops as well as wet market and pasar malam traders. 

But we as consumers don’t have to wait so long. We can start right now by bringing along reusable bags every time we go out shopping.  

By: Nicholas Darren John