WAIT! Do Not Sell Your Car Before You’ve Stopped Your RFID Subscription!

You have the RFID sticker fitted in your car- two months later you sell the car and forgot all about it, and before you know it, your Touch ‘N Go eWallet just keeps deducting your money.

RFID is officially being introduced at toll booths for the convenience of highway users. As of now, more than 800,000 car owners in Malaysia have installed the RFID system for their cars.

wait! do not sell your car before you’ve stopped your rfid subscription!Photo by: Google Images

The number of cars with RFID are expected to continue increasing, as the government phases out Touch ‘N Go lanes.

Yes! RFID makes it easier for us to pay tolls, but we wouldn’t want to pay for a toll fare that isn’t ours!

News reports recently highlighted on the importance of terminating the RFID on your car before selling it or in the unfortunate event of your car getting stolen – so you don’t end up paying for some else’s toll.

If you have absolutely no idea on how to terminate your RFID service, you can firstly contact the Touch ‘n Go careline via these four channels:

1.     Facebook or Twitter @MyTouchnGo

2.     SMS TNG <your query>

3.     Email to careline@touchngo.com.my

4.     Hotline +603-27148888

The customer service line will verify your identity, license plate and phone number, based on your registered information. Then make sure to check your eWallet to confirm that your RFID has been completely terminated.

According to Touch ‘N Go, they will not be responsible for compensating the money removed from your account if you forget.

So bye-bye money lah!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat